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Nominate for the Deaf Roundtable!

Do you want to help shape the future of services to the South Australian Deaf community?

Deaf Can:Do, The Royal South Australian Deaf Society (DCD) delivers services and support to Deaf and Hard of Hearing South Australians.  DCD is establishing the Deaf Directions Roundtable, or DDR, to help plan the future of Deaf services in a way that best benefits the long term future of the SA Deaf community.

The main  purpose of the DDR is to provide a platform for:

  • More transparent and positive communication, and information sharing between DCD and the SA Deaf community; and
  • Greater cooperation between DCD and the SA Deaf community in promoting and supporting individual and joint initiatives aimed at improving services, support and outcomes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of all ages.
  • Engaging and facilitating the Deaf Directions Roundtable in capacity building with the overall aim of the community achieving self-determination.