Supporting Young Deaf Leaders

Each year Deaf Can:Do provides scholarships to young and emerging leaders in the South Australian Deaf community to further their development.

One of our scholarship recipients this year is 15 year old Deaf student Sacha, who is travelling to the United States for an exchange program.

"I’m Sacha and am going to be a participant for an Intercultural Exchange Program in August. I’m looking forward to this exchange program because it’s an amazing experience for me at only the age of 15 to travel to the outside world and learn about their life and opportunities in other countries. It is my dream to travel the world and interact with a variety of cultures that interest me, and this has inspired me to learn more about it. My future goals are to attend Gallaudet University, gain employment and live in the US. I want to show all deaf and hearing impaired kids that they can do anything they want to. Really there aren’t any barriers that can’t be overcome to achieve their dreams and their pathways. I am a good example of this. I never thought I would be going on an exchange program but…I am going! I want to have many memories and stories to share with my grandkids. I’m looking forward to this opportunity as it will strengthen my confidence and knowledge that not only I, but anyone can be successful.

I would like to thank Deaf Can Do for their generous support for this adventure."