Young Kids, Big Hearts

Meet these young fundraisers giving back.

Salisbury Downs Primary School

In a recent development of the Australian Curriculum, schools must offer the opportunity for all students to learn a language in addition to English. At Deaf Can:Do we are very pleased to be supporting schools that have chosen Auslan as their language.

“At Salisbury Downs Primary School we have decided our language will be Auslan. This will give students the opportunity to benefit from the social, cultural, intellectual and emotional development that will result from learning the unique and sophisticated visual-gestural language of the Australian Deaf community.” says Deputy Principal David Bentley.

As a part of their celebration in taking on Auslan as their second language, their MAD (Making a Difference) student team have decided to raise money for Deaf Can:Do by having a donation box at their canteen and front office - as well as raising money and awareness at upcoming school functions and events.

“We should help Deaf people by learning Auslan so we can communicate with them. We should raise money to we can give them what they need and get equipment for their work.” says Llewellyn, a student at the school, and a hearing child from a Deaf family.

Thank you Salisbury Downs Primary School we can’t wait to see how much you raise!

Do you want to have some fun and fundraise for Deaf Can:Do? Contact us on events@candogroup.com.au or check out our fundraising guide online here